What Trends Make Up The Best Travel Fashion For 2018?

Whether you lead a lifestyle full of regular travel or you’re simply looking forward to your first trip in a long time, you’re going to have to take the time to plan for your outfits as well. You’ll likely be tempted to favor comfort over all else, but why stop short of actually looking sharp? Why not go ahead and splurge a bit by treating yourself to some of the best travel fashion for 2018? In the end, there’s no doubting that you’ll be glad you made the effort.

The real question lies in which trends are actually rearing their heads for the year. In 2017, Fashion NI – online fashion shop explains utilitarian clothing was all the rage. You could literally just wear tracksuits and be deemed plenty stylish. This year however, there’s a little more room for personality and color. If you’re the type to enjoy turning heads, you’re in luck.

You can still keep comfort in mind, but not at the expense of your overall appearance. If you go for a t-shirt, make sure it’s well fitted. Colors such as red, orange, and brown are all the rage for 2018, but you can also get away with classic black or white if you like to stick more to the subtle side of the spectrum. You should also consider nicer options such as polo shirts if you want to invest a bit more. Don’t be afraid to spring for something a little bit more expensive in general; those basic $5 Hanes shirts might be comfy, but their “one size fits all” approach will make it difficult to really make much of an impression.



Your top of choice can then be complimented by khaki pants, dark jeans, or patterned skirts and dresses. It’s best to make sure your outfits have at least two main colors, i.e. a red shirt and black jeans. If you opt for shorts, try to stay away from cargo or board shorts. Fringed bottoms are also on the outs!

Finally, your shoes of choice will complete the ensemble. Luckily, there’s a lot more room for your own personal choice here. If you already have a comfortable pair of shoes that you like running errands in, you should be fine wearing those as you travel. Check out Sports Shoes Online – best running shoes for women. As long as their colors are neutral enough not to throw off the overall outfit, you’ll be just fine.