What Services Are Offered at a Health Clinic?


A clinic is typically a specialized medical facility which is mainly dedicated to the treatment of patients who have no access to health care through other means. Clinics may be publicly or privately managed and supported. In public clinics, patients have the right to freely enter and leave the premises without having to give a reason. Clinics may also be specially designed for ethnic groups or certain demographics. They are generally located in neighborhoods that have high instances of social disorder such as violence, high poverty rates and lack of educational opportunities.


Many people associate healthcare facilities with providing a specific kind of service. There are many types of clinics including those offering cosmetic surgery and others which focus on pediatrics and women’s health. Other kinds of clinics include those providing infertility treatment and family planning. There are clinics offering holistic healthcare which uses various forms of alternative medication to promote overall wellness in the patient.

Some of the medical treatments offered at medical clinics include STD diagnosis and treatment, blood transfusions, chemotherapy, fertility treatment, laser eye surgery and cancer therapy. Some STD tests can be covered by insurance while others are not. HIV and AIDS testing is widely covered by most health plans. The Department of Health has designed policies and guidelines to ensure patients have access to these services. Some STD tests can only be done on an in-clinic setting, while others may be done on campus or in a laboratory. Sexual health clinics offer many different kinds of counseling and other services for couples experiencing sexual health conditions.


Women’s reproductive health clinics offer many different types of preventive care, such as pap smears and mammograms. Women can receive a free annual Pap smear and can also schedule a mammogram during their annual visit to the health clinic. STD tests are available at many types of clinics including those for HIV/AIDS, cervix cancer, and genital warts. A sexual health clinic can also refer their clients to a doctor for further evaluation and treatment if necessary.

Some community health centers offer specialty clinics such as those that focus on particular diseases or health conditions. Community health clinics that focus on combating obesity can help individuals and couples maintain proper weight and reduce their risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Substance abuse clinics can help those suffering from addiction get treatment for their problems. In addition, there are STD clinics that focus on working with single adults and couples and can offer them the assistance they need to successfully combat their sexual health issues.


Community healthcare services offered by healthcare clinics provide quality health care services. These services can be made to your specifications and can fit into your budget. You can find a clinic in your area and make sure they offer the services you want on your first visit. The staff at the clinic will help you understand what you can do to prevent disease and live a healthy lifestyle.

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