what is Hybrid Heat Pumps?

Hybrid Heat Pumps Save You Money on Energy Bills

Hybrid heat pumps combine a traditional furnace with a heat pump to efficiently heat your house. A heat pump relays heat from a central heating unit to your house, displacing warm air from outside and transferring it into your main fixed point of heat. Because they are combination heaters, a hybrid will offer the benefits of both a traditional furnace and an air conditioning system at a fraction of the cost.


One of the most attractive benefits of hybrid heat pumps

is their energy efficiency. When you factor in the lower electricity bill they provide as a result of their combined functions, their true worth is revealed. Their electricity usage is far less than that of a standard furnace. A key advantage to using a combination of heat sources is the reduced need for natural ventilation. Traditional furnaces need to be vented outside of the home through vents, allowing polluted indoor air to be pulled through the ductwork. This pollution causes a significant amount of unwanted heat loss in the form of condensed water, which in turn lowers the energy efficiency of the system.


Another major benefit of these machines

is their cost-effectiveness. Because they are running on alternate sources of electricity, hybrid heat pumps do not require any significant amounts of upkeep or repair compared to their more traditional predecessors. They also have very low running costs, since few parts require regular maintenance. Traditional furnaces typically require oil changes or filter changes, as well as periodic mechanical servicing. These types of maintenance requirements make it expensive to operate and result in higher running costs for homeowners.


With this said, there is an even greater benefit of hybrid heat pumps

which can drastically reduce your energy consumption during the summer months. Since they transfer heat more efficiently than traditional furnaces, you can expect to save up to sixty-five percent on your heating costs. While most homeowners will see an immediate saving in their bills, the long-term impact could lead to substantial savings. Since heating accounts generally account for ten percent or more of a home’s total energy bill, this may prove to be quite a large sum over time.


For those homeowners who do use a furnace

but would prefer to avoid the high cost associated with running one, there is a second benefit of a dual-fuel hybrid heat pumps system. Since they do not burn gas, there will be no emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. Not only does this help the environment, but it also means that you do not need to worry about dealing with the high price tags of purchasing a new furnace.


The best way to save money and improve your energy bills

is to install a hybrid heating system. If you are concerned about the environment, then these systems are probably the best investment that you will make. Since they are efficient and environmentally friendly, installing them in your house should be a priority. Contact your local contractors to learn more about how to install these efficient furnaces in your house, or to ask about the renewable heat incentive programs that many states are offering. Even if it means paying slightly more for the job, you will be able to offset the cost in no time at all.

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