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Types Of Industrial Ladders

If you’re doing any sort of heavy lifting, you probably need to use a ladder for your job. You can buy a variety of types of industrial ladders at different price ranges. You may also need to find a specialized vehicle for your needs, such as a fire truck. While the types of industrial equipment you can purchase are many, they all share some important characteristics. Here are some examples of different types of ladders.

Straight Ladders

Straight ladders – Typically used for reaching higher places, straight ladders have two parts: a base and an extension. Its base must be firmly placed on the floor while the fly extends above it to reach higher areas. A straight ladder is made to last in a heavy-duty application and is the strongest type of industrial-grade product. All EQUAL ladders meet the high-quality EN131 standard.

Industrial-grade Ladders

Industrial-grade ladders – Industrial ladders are the most durable type of ladder. They are built for constant use on a job site and are usually the strongest. They are usually constructed from T5 grade aluminum and are made to withstand heavy use. The EN131 certification is the highest quality standard for ladders. The highest quality of industrial-grade ladders meets or exceeds the standards set by the United States Department of Transportation.

Single-sided And Double-sided Models

Single-sided and double-sided models – These ladders are the most popular industrial-grade ladders. Both options are safe and durable. A double-sided industrial ladder is a perfect fit for your needs. Its single-sided design means it’s more convenient to use and can be positioned anywhere you’d like. They’re also easy to store, and you can find a great selection online.

Single-sided And Extension-sided Ladders

Single-sided and extension-sided ladders – These industrial-grade ladders are ideal for those who need a longer reach. They have two sides and are taller than other types of ladders. They have a strong base support to prevent workers from falling. Moreover, they have a long lifespan. Most importantly, they’re safe. There are also double-sided industrial ladders that are a better choice for those who work around flammable materials.

Single-sided Industrial Ladders

Single-sided industrial ladders – These industrial ladders are single-sided and have steps on both sides. They are generally taller than other types of ladders and are very sturdy. Unlike other types of workplace ladders, industrial ladders are safe and durable and allow laborers to stand on the platform. Both kinds of industrial-grade ladders have strong ground support, making them an excellent option for many applications. They come in a variety of sizes and are available in several different materials and styles.

In Summary

Aside from the safety of the workers, industrial ladders are also essential for the safety of the employees. Depending on the nature of the work you’re performing, you’ll need to determine the type of industrial ladder you need. Whether you’re looking for a basic step ladder or a heavy-duty industrial ladder, you’ll need to make sure that it is sturdy and light-weight. You’ll want to choose a sturdy industrial ladder with a lock-out feature to prevent pinching.

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