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Three Forms of Energy

Energy is defined as any energy that is required to do work. It could exist in, mechanical, electrical, chemical, nuclear, or other’s different forms. In addition, there are energy which are known as potential energy, heat, and work i.e., energy directly in motion that is being transferred from one body to the other.


There are also other forms of energy like chemical energy, kinetic energy, and electric energy. When energy is used, it changes forms into some other form. Therefore, when energy is changed into any other form, it takes a new form. For example, when you use up your source of light energy to create a beam of light and then release it, this means that you have changed it into electrical energy and the beam is now in the form of a particle.

Thermal energy can be used for heating purposes. The heat energy is in the form of heat. When the heat energy is changed into any other form, it is known as kinetic energy. If we talk about the use of electric energy, this may be used to lift something above the earth’s surface, as in the case of satellites or aircraft. We may also use it to conduct electricity through conductive materials such as wires that are within the earth’s surface.


One cannot directly convert thermal energy into other forms of energy, because no matter how much thermal energy you can store, it will not be able to be changed into kinetic energy. Kinetic energy on the other hand is created when an object moves. This transformation of kinetic energy takes place in the space-time domain. So, one can say that the entire process of converting thermal energy into some other form of energy is called the motion energy transfer. If you have some source of thermal energy, you can use it to move something else and thus make use of the thermal energy to do the job.

There is a lot of talk going on about nuclear energy, which is becoming a popular source of alternative energy. But, what people don’t understand is the difference between nuclear energy and thermal energy. For example, you take nuclear fuel and stick it inside of a ball and watch it go ball bouncing off of a wall and coming back to grab it again. This is possible because nuclear energy releases zero particles. However, this is not possible with thermal energy, as the particles are produced when the fuel burns. So, there is a big difference between these two sources of potential energy.


Now, if you think that all these forms of energy are the same thing, you’re right. They are all different forms of energy. However, there are many similarities between them as well. Like gravity, electrical energy, and thermal energy are forms of energy that are found in all sorts of things around us. You will find that you can use all three types of energy, in order to do the job that you need to do.

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