the right age for kids to switch from glasses to contact lenses

Are You Switching to Contact Lenses?

There’s no magical age that dictates the right age for kids to switch from glasses to contact lenses. Generally, most of the time, teenagers are the ones interested in switching from glasses to contacts, although even young children may also be fine candidates for contact lens. As a matter of fact, your child’s interests will determine how long he or she will wear glasses or contacts. It is best to start a child’s wearing of glasses or contacts early so that he or she can become used to having good vision without wearing eyeglasses. Here are some of the benefits of early contact lens use by kids:


Better Vision

For some unknown reason, teenagers tend to have sharper vision than most adults, especially those whose eyes are still young. It is believed that the lenses that a child wears provide the extra sharpness required to help their eyes adjust to the change in vision. If your kid is interested in wearing contact lenses, try to buy some that are the same size as his or her eye. This will help him or her to adapt easier to the new vision. Also, if your child seems to need adjustments to his or her vision, talk to your eye doctor to find out what might be causing it and what type of contact lens would be best for your child’s needs.


More Comfort

Wearing contacts rather than glasses provides a great deal of comfort to a young person. Since they do not have glasses on, their vision is better, and they are far more comfortable looking at the computer screen, reading books, or just doing simple tasks. If your kid is planning to switch to contacts, talk with his or her eye doctor to see what type of contacts are best for him or her, and discuss how the contacts should be cleaned. These contacts are generally meant to be kept clean, so they must be properly cared for to ensure that they stay in good shape.


Contact Lenses Are Better For Newbies

Many people assume that lenses will be much better for them than glasses once they are a little older. This may not be true, depending upon how the person started using contacts. If you have started using contacts early on in life and had no problems as a child, then there is no reason that you will experience any adverse changes when you start wearing them.


Contact Lenses Are a Good Choice For Children

If you have never used contacts before, you may think that you will not need an eye doctor to recommend them. However, there are many other factors to consider when choosing a contact for your child. First, you must make sure that the contacts are appropriate for your child’s age. Second, you must make sure that they fit well, since children tend to be more active than adults, and may actually outgrow their contacts faster.


There is a common misconception

that children are automatically ready for contact. The fact is that they should begin to enjoy wearing contacts at around ten to twelve years of age. However, some parents may want to wait until they can see clearly with contacts. In that case, a parent may suggest a child wear Bifocal contacts. This type of contact provides a great option for a young child. When the child is ready, it is easy to make the transition from glasses to contacts.

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