The Difference Between Financial Managers and Wealth Advisers

Most of the people have come to know about the difference between financial advisors and wealth advisers. Well, both these types of advisers play a very important role in your life. One of them is the financial advisors while other one is the wealth advisers. It is not compulsory that wealth advisers are more professional than the financial managers. However, financial managers are more professional and skilled than wealth advisers.

Difference between Financial Managers and Wealth Advisors


There are many differences between the two types of advisers. For instance, they are both knowledgeable but financial wealth advisers have more years of experience whereas wealth advisers started their career at the early part of the 20th century. They both have some sort of professional degrees in accounting, finance, insurance, investment and business management. Besides, both of them also have MBA degrees or Masters of Business Administration degrees. Another difference is that financial managers are generally self-employed whereas wealth advisers work as an employee for reputed companies.


Both financial managers and wealth advisers help people in order to make good management decisions. However, financial professionals play a more important role than wealth advisers. Generally, the tasks of financial planners are easier than those of wealth advisers. However, wealth advisers can guide clients through the right channel and they try to maximize the wealth legally. On the other hand, the duties of financial managers are much harder.

Financial Manager

Usually, financial managers deal with portfolios of assets and funds to wealth advisers deal with the asset allocation for a particular client. However, both of them manage to save and invest wealth tactfully. Usually, financial wealth advisers offer services such as estate planning, tax planning, asset protection and investment. As compared to managers, wealth advisers do not have to deal with paperwork. However, the only difference between them is that managers are registered agents while the wealth advisers are not.

Besides, both of them also manage to hire experienced professionals for managing their portfolios. However, financial wealth advisers are also involved in the process. As they deal with numerous clients at a time, they need to employ appropriate tactics to win the confidence of clients. These tactics include regular communication, face to face meetings, meeting regularly with clients and addressing clients’ issues face to face. As compared to wealth advisers, financial managers only communicate via letters. Moreover, financial managers do not hire assistance from accountants, attorneys or brokers.

Despite of such differences, many companies offer their products and services to both kinds of managers. This is mainly because there is a huge difference between what each firm is willing to invest. In addition, the amount of investment capital a firm has does not determine the success or failure of that firm. Therefore, a company can have a thriving business even if it has limited resources. However, it is advisable to work with financial experts when planning for investments.

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