The Benefits of Roof Insulation to Your Energy Bills

roofing insulation hacks and ideas that will help you maximize the value of your roof

When your home gets struck by severe weather, such as hail, it’s important to make the most out of roof insulation. It’s not enough to have your roof installed by an experienced roofer – you need to make the most of your roof, as well. One thing that many people fail to realize about roof insulation is the value that it has in terms of protecting your home. Here are a few roofing insulation hacks and ideas that will help you maximize the value of your roof as it stands right now:

What exactly is Commercial Building insulation? It’s the type of roofing insulation that you find in commercial buildings, such as office buildings and warehouses. It’s usually cavity wall or rigid insulation. It really depends upon the structure you have.

Why should I install the roof insulation attic?

The main reason is because it directly underneath your home’s shingles. This means less heat loss during the winter and less energy use in the summer. In fact, it’s usually less expensive to install than the roof system itself. Additionally, it adds another layer of protection to your home so that nothing penetrates your home insulation attic roof insulation as water accumulates there.

So what is cavity wall or rigid roof insulation? It’s the kind of roof insulation that is installed in between your roof and ceiling. Much like the other forms above, it also has a layer of insulation beneath it to protect your home from water, air, and snow. However, this time, the layer of insulation goes straight up into the rafters of the cavity wall. That way, you get maximum protection without overkill on your budget.

How does roofing insulation plays a role in saving energy costs?

When you install a cavity wall or rigid roof insulation system, you save money because it lowers your house’s R factor by allowing air to flow through properly. It also keeps your warm air inside instead of letting it escape and warming the interior air before it gets to the outside. You’ll also be able to insulate your home efficiently to keep your heating and cooling costs down. Over time, you’ll even be able to lower your energy costs since you’ll have less energy used in heating and cooling.

Is there an environmental impact involved with roofing insulation? Yes. Since carbon dioxide moves widely through the air, insulating your roof cuts down the transfer of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. You’ll also be making sure that your home has fewer trees being cut down and that carbon pollution doesn’t enter your home. As you can see, there are many benefits to installing roof insulation as opposed to cheaper alternatives like drywall or fiberglass. So, if you’re trying to reduce your energy costs, you might want to look into installing some sort of roofing insulation.

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