Native American Baskets – Uses And History

What is a basket?

In the simplest terms, a basket is a large, usually basket-like container made of stiff fibers, such as straw, wood, plastic, and can even be created from a wide variety of other materials, such as cane, grasses, and horsehair. While most commonly made of plant material, other materials including metal wire, horsehair, or synthetic fibers can also be used. Baskets are typically woven by hand. When the basket has a handle, typically this means the basket is hung by a rope. Most typically, a wooden handle is preferred to metal or plastic grips.

Baskets can have a variety of uses. Traditionally, they were used to carry items from one place to another, including food and beverages. They were also used to carry goods from one place to another, including fresh produce, meats, eggs, dairy products, baked goods, and confections. Today, you can find baskets in many different sizes, shapes, and uses; you can even find them with artificial webs or handles.

basket making was an art

Historically, basket making was an art practiced by women due to the fact that they had to be very careful when weaving the cords and other components of the baskets. This resulted in many different types of baskets, some of which were more popular than others. Throughout history, some of the most popular basket-making processes include crocheting (usually referring to knitting), sewing, Jacquard, gashing, and weaving. Each of these processes produces specific types of baskets depending on the method of weaving.

Today, you can still find a variety of baskets to choose from when making gifts. There are many uses for baskets, both as personal containers and as valuable gifts. In addition, there are several ways to make homemade baskets. Many people will gather their own supplies (usually natural, like fruit, seeds, nuts, and leaves) and create a stunning looking basket with some sort of theme and color scheme. Some people like to purchase pre-made baskets, but there are many great ones to be made at home from inexpensive materials. For example, you can easily make a beautiful basket with some fresh flowers, some colorful beads, yarn, and delicate raffia, all of which can be bought very reasonably.

The purpose of the basket depends entirely upon the style and the personal preference

Some Native American basket weavers begin their craft by making a simple square or rectangular shape from some twine or any strong fiber. The width of the weft should be half a hand width this will ensure that the basket is not too big or too small for the person making it. Then, depending on the style and for other reasons, the weft is tied in a knot using either yarn or a string of yarn. Some Native American basket weavers prefer to have beads work into their baskets, but many choose to leave them plain. The purpose of the basket depends entirely upon the style and the personal preference of the Native American weaver.

Basket weaving is an art that has been used by Native Americans for hundreds of years. Today, many Native American tribes still practice basket weaving, although some are beginning to use different methods and materials. They may use basic basket weaves made of natural materials or they may use more ornate methods using turquoise and other expensive stones. Whether you are looking for a way to decorate your home or for a fun way to gather together for the holidays, woven baskets may be the perfect item to bring to your next gathering.

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