How to Get Patients to Refer Your Dentist

enhanced version of word-of Mouth

If you have been working too long without getting regular dental checkups and workups, it is time to get serious about getting your teeth cleaned and your mouth in good condition again. It’s time for you to start building a relationship with your dentist and build a trust that will serve you well for many years. One way to do that is through a referral program. Basically, a dentist referral network is a network that rewards your existing patients for referring their friends, relatives, colleagues, or anybody else, to your dental practice. Think of it as the equivalent of an enhanced version of word-of Mouth, amped up with positive word-of Mouth words of mouth.

This referral strategy makes sense when you think about it, doesn’t it? When people know they’re getting their oral healthcare from somebody they already know and who has given them good service, they are more likely to refer other people to your office as well. Your dentist is a respected, dependable source of health care that people trust, so your dental insurance company will want to have him on its primary list of providers. And referrals to your office by your patients with dental insurance will make more room in your dental hygienist schedule and allow you to expand your patient list at a fraction of the time and cost it now.

What should you do to get patients to refer their friends or relatives to your office?

There are several ways to encourage referrals. One is to reward the referrals that you have the greatest chance of retaining. Reward people who bring new patients in. Maybe offer a discount on cleaning or a discount off of one particular orthodontic treatment if the patient refers your office by phone or email.

Another way you can encourage referrals is to create a referral program. A dentist referral program gives your patients another reason to recommend your office. In the program, you could have your office send out a notice about an upcoming clinic visit, a free follow-up appointment, or a discount on one particular service. You could also offer a cash discount for referrals – perhaps half off for every ten referrals you give out! Some dental offices have done so, successfully; however, not all of them have implemented this into their referral programs.

easiest way to do this is through dental patient referral programs

The bottom line is that you need to be able to solicit referrals from your patients. If you can do this, you will be able to expand your patient list and grow your practice at a much faster rate. The easiest way to do this is through dental patient referral programs. Many dentists have started these programs, and many more are considering it as well. If your dentist doesn’t have a referral program in place, consider implementing one today!

Consider the potential benefits for yourself and your practice. Ask other dentists how their practices are doing with regard to referrals. Many dentists report a significant increase in patients who seek their services because of these referral programs. You might also do some research to see how your area is doing with respect to dental care. Do some research on the success rate of different dentists with regards to their ability to get patients to refer their own oral surgery or dental clinic to them. You might be pleasantly surprised at the results you find!

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