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how to Buy Your Prescription Glasses Online?

Glasses Online – Buying Your Prescription Glasses Online

If you’re looking for great discount eyeglasses, there’s no better place to start than with GlassesOnLine. GlassesOnLine is an online prescription lens supplier that specializes in prescription eyeglass lenses. While convenience is one of the advantages of purchasing prescription glasses online, another big advantage is often a lower cost. These online retailers eliminate third-party retailers and middlemen and pass those savings along to you.

GlassesOnLine cuts out the middleman bypassing your savings

on to you straight from the optometrist. Because you have your eye exam at the optometrist, GlassesOnLine also passes the savings along to you, so you only need to pay a one-time low, annual rate to maintain your prescription. This is particularly important if you don’t have regular eye exams. By having your eye exam at the optometrist, you are more likely to maintain your glasses. You will also save money by avoiding the annual fees that most eye doctors charge their patients.

GlassesOnLine also has the added benefit of offering FREE shipping

when you buy from them. The great thing about FREE shipping is that it allows you to try out the glasses you are interested in buying before you buy them. GlassesOnline offers you many different styles and colors of prescription sunglasses, so you can find something that suits you perfectly. Many people mistakenly believe that affordable eyeglasses come with low shipping times, but this isn’t always the case GlassesOnLine offers some of the lowest shipping times around.

One of the best benefits of ordering glasses online

is that you can try them on in the comfort of your own home. When you go to a brick-and-motor optometrist, you need to bring your prescription along with you to determine what size and shape you should get. This makes it extremely difficult to simply pick up the phone and order an affordable pair of glasses. If you like what you see in the store, you might want to bring back a copy of your prescription to determine your size. Even if you have picked a great frame, it may be sized differently from your prescription, which could make the glasses feel too tight on your face.

Glasses are measured in millimeters

not inches. Therefore, it is important to know what size lens you should buy, especially if you need prescription contact lenses. The lenses are measured in Diameter oximeters and Focal Length in millimeters. Diameters refer to the distance from the center of the lens to the outer edge of the lens – in millimeters.

The most common astigmatism occurs when the front surface of your cornea

does not contain enough curves to allow for the shaped light rays to pass through. This condition is called astigmatism. Astigmatism can cause blurry vision because the light rays do not focus on the retina. If you have astigmatism, talk with your family doctor about bifocal glasses or progressive eye surgery.

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