Household Appliances Vocabulary – What You Need To Know

home appliances

A home appliance, sometimes called a domestic appliance or an electrical appliance, is an instrument that aids in daily household activities like cooking, cleaning, food preparation and maintenance. There are many home appliances available in the market, which can be bought with a variety of accessories and parts. There are also different types of home appliances, depending on the purpose for which it is used. Some home appliances include air conditioners, refrigerators, clothes dryers, dishwashers, hot water heaters, home security systems, home entertainment units, home security cameras, home telephones, home medical equipment and many more. All these appliances are made to perform certain tasks that are crucial for the proper functioning of a home.

Home Appliances

The basic home appliances include cooking stove, ovens, microwaves, toasters, coffee makers, dishwashers, ironing boards, kitchen stoves, home furnaces, refrigerators, steamers, dishwashers and many more. There are some that help in saving electricity, while others ensure better quality of food and ready the home for entertaining guests at a short notice. For example, home cooking stove helps in cooking food quickly and in bulk, which saves time, money and energy. A steam cleaner helps clean the floor, counter tops and other hard to reach places in a faster manner, while a clothes dryer enables internet connectivity and air conditioning, while a fridge enables food preparation at home easily and quickly.

Apart from kitchen appliances, there are other important household appliances that form an integral part of any home. These are the laundry machines, dishwashers, dryers and all sorts of appliances for home storage. For effective and convenient management of food ingredients, the refrigerator is an indispensable device. While kitchen appliances are used for making dishes, they make cooking fun by enabling easy meal preparations.


A cooker is one of the most vital home appliances, as it is used for cooking and in some cases can also be used for preparing food. There are different types of cooking equipment available in the market. The most common cooking appliance is the microwave oven. Most microwaves are gas stoves, but there are those that run on electricity as well. While selecting a stove or cooker, it is very important to consider the size of the place where it is to be installed and the kind of fuel it requires.

One of the most commonly used small kitchen appliances is the coffee maker. The advantage of having a coffee maker is that you do not have to wait for the perfect time to brew a cup of tea or coffee. With the help of a coffee maker, the right quantity of coffee can be mixed very easily. Other home appliances that are widely used include washing machines, dishwashers, steamers and barbeque pits. All these appliances are equally important for a spacious home.


A clothes dryer is a must-have in a large family home. It helps to dry your clothes in a short time and saves your energy and money. Some people often mix two or three dryers in their home for convenience. A clothes dryer will make your clothes last longer, thus saving money. Some of the other household appliances that may not be mentioned in the list of household appliances vocabulary words list are the air conditioner, hairdryer, iron, and the garbage disposal.

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