Get Dental Work Done

When You Have to Get Dental Work Done

Are you embarrassed by yellow or stained teeth? Do you want to get the dental work done to improve your smile and make you look younger? Do you wonder if it’s too late to save your smile? There is no reason to fear – dental treatments today are far more advanced and can help you regain your beautiful smile. Whether you just want some minor tooth whitening or an entire set of dental implants, there is a procedure for you.


Today’s cosmetic dentists

use the latest technology to offer results far better than those of your grandparents or great-grandparents. Current dentistry focuses mainly on the aesthetic function and aesthetic beauty of dental work, so you’ll never know you had dental work done unless you yourself mention it. A filling sometimes called a crown, is when a damaged or diseased tooth structure is replaced with a white composite resin. When this resin is allowed to harden, you have a tooth filled. The white resin is not only temporary; it is also highly resistant to staining and discoloration. Resin fillings are a great option for people who have lost all of their teeth and wish to have a crown put on.


As our baby boomer population continues to age

they are more susceptible to tooth decay. This is because as tooth decay progresses, the structure of the tooth changes and it is more difficult for bacteria to thrive in an adult mouth. To help prevent tooth decay and cavities, a family dentist can recommend a special toothpaste and/or mouthwash that kill acidophilus, a bacterium found in the mouth that is one of the causes of tooth decay.


If you have a cavity or other problems with your teeth

a tooth-colored filling may be recommended to cover it. A common type of filling is called a capsulotomy. A capsulotomy is a surgical procedure where the doctor inserts an endoscope through your gums so he or she can see the back of your tooth. With the endoscope, the dentist can then make a hole in the top of the tooth. This capsulotomy is similar to having your tooth removed, except it leaves behind a tooth-colored filling that looks like your natural teeth.


If you have a lot of cavities

your family dentist may suggest a dental veneer to cover up the holes in your teeth. This is actually a thin laminate that looks just like your original teeth. It is bonded to your tooth to help ward off tooth decay and has a very high success rate at filling cavities.


If you don’t have any cavities

you may still need to get your teeth cleaned. Your dentist will suggest a variety of different cleaning techniques, such as using a special brushing system, a special mouthwash, flossing, or a fluoride treatment. You should visit your dentist regularly to get all of your dental care done. Although most dentists do not recommend teeth whitening until you are past your childbearing years, many feel that it is important to keep your smile looking bright and shiny. Most procedures, such as braces and veneers, are usually only needed for adults over the age of twenty. Your dentist may also recommend a yearly cleaning session that he or she will teach you how to do yourself at home.

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