Essential Pet Supplies For Dogs

Are you thinking of bringing a new puppy into your loving home?

Before you do, there are a few essentials you should have on hand to make sure your dog remains happy, healthy and safe. By making sure your dog has all of these essential supplies on hand, you can avoid the following common problems:

Doggy Treats Whether he loves them or not, treats are a great way to reward your pet for obeying your commands and playing by your side. You can purchase treats from a variety of sources including your local pet store, your veterinarian, or online at numerous web sites. There are also chewable toys that are perfect for tugging and chewing as well as for training. One favorite treats for dogs include the Tuffy Puppy Chunk and Kong’s Famous Kong Treat. Another great way to provide treats is with the use of homemade dog treats such as the homemade Doggie Treat Mix or Dandy Chicken Treats. These are available from many sources and make a great alternative to commercially available treats.

Crate Training If your dog seems to want to be in his own personal den, a crate is a great way to go. Crates are available in a variety of sizes to fit both large and small dogs. They are great for providing a place of their own and eliminating destructive behaviors such as scratching or jumping. When using a crate, be sure to leave plenty of toys and water in his crate. A well-travelled dog may need to take the crate along when traveling, but most dogs prefer their crates as an in-house retreat.

Leash and Harness Sets and Accessories Leashes are an important part of dog ownership. For those looking for a safe and simple way to carry their pet, leashes are a great way to go. Choose from short and long leashes, and there are accessories such as lanyards and harnesses that can help carry your dog while on walks, or simply while out and about. Many dog owners prefer to use leashes, because they are easier to take along on walks and are more comfortable for walking in the cold weather. Leashes range in length from just a few feet to many yards, depending upon your needs. For safety, always choose a high quality leash and a harness that fit comfortably.

Grooming Supplies and Products Grooming products are a must have for dog owners. Doggie brushes, dog shampoo, dog wipes, nail clippers, and conditioners are essential to keeping your dog healthy and having a good coat. Along with grooming supplies, you should always have a supply of dog food, water bowls, and dog beds.

Toys and Treats Dogs need toys to play with and there are many types of toys available. Some toys are better suited for certain breeds, and other toys are better for different ages. When choosing toys for your dog, it is important to consider its size and activity level. Make sure your dog is given toys that it can destroy and chew on without getting seriously hurt. For those looking for a safe yet exciting way to spend their spare time, dog toys are a great way to do this.

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