Employment Law: False Quotation Rights & Harassment

Many employers are concerned with discrimination

Employment Lawyer in Overland Park, Kan. Matthew J. Osman & Stephen L. Smay established Osman & Smay in 2021 to make sure that workers are fairly compensated according to state and federal employment law. The firm works with clients who have been injured at work or who have claims pending against them. For these reasons, Employment lawyers in Overland Park, Kan. are well-regarded throughout the country for their expertise and experience in this area of employment law and in representing their clients.

There is substantial litigation activity in Overland Park, Kan. Many employers are concerned with proving that they did not discriminate against employees when hiring or promoting them, when setting their hours, paying them, providing training, benefits, or other employment related issues. An employment lawyer in Overland Park, Kan. can help an employee interpret employment law, review documents, and prepare responses to employer questions and concerns.

Federal and state employment laws are very complex

An experienced Employment Attorney in Overland Park, Kan. can help an employee understand his rights under federal and state law and how those rights might affect his employment, as well as explaining the meaning and function of the different employment laws. The rights of an employee are governed by both federal and state laws. The latter includes the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which regulates all aspects of employer-employee relations, including discrimination, harassment, union busting, and retaliation, among others.

Hourly Wage Cases A few years back, an employee complained about not receiving the same wage that he had worked for the previous eight or nine months. After taking his complaint to a supervisor, he was informed that he would receive a lower rate in the future, because the economy was “not as bad” as he thought it was. Two weeks later, the coworker was terminated. He sued the company, claiming not only overtime pay but also back wages and various other compensation benefits, including medical benefits and pain and suffering. An Overland Park, Kan. employment lawyers was successful in getting the case thrown out of court, providing the employee with monetary damages and a lesson on corporate ethics.

False Quotation Rights

A former employee tried to sue her former employer after she was terminated for complaining about inappropriate sexual advances toward co-workers. Despite numerous requests for a reference, she received a negative response. Because she could not understand why she was being told she did not qualify for a promotion, she pursued her lawsuit. She ultimately lost her case, but was able to receive compensatory damages for her wrongful termination and the company’s false quotation policy.

When searching for an Overland Park, Kan. employment attorneys, one should make sure they are properly represented. There are several different types of cases, one might choose to file in this area of the country, so having a good attorney who specializes in sexual harassment or wrongful termination is essential. Sexual harassment is a sensitive area of law that requires expertise and sensitivity to deal with all the ramifications that stem from false accusations. A good attorney will make sure the main street practice focuses on employment law in the main street of metropolitan Kansas City, rather than just one or two areas of the state.

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