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Dog Food – Types of Dog Food

Dog food is food specially designed and made for consumption by canines and other domesticated animals. Domesticated animals are those that are tamed and kept as pets. Dogs, in particular, are often seen to be semi-omnivorous with a meat-to-bone lean ration. This type of diet is one of the more common types in the canine world, and a great number of dog owners opt to feed their pets kibble over meat.


It’s common to think that dogs are carnivores,

because they eat meat. While dogs can’t manufacture their vitamin and mineral supplements, they receive these substances from their food. It’s thought that dogs receive enough vitamins and minerals through the kibble they consume. But the truth is that most commercial foods aren’t nutritionally balanced.


Commercial dog food

is a lot like human food in that it contains a variety of ingredients such as grains, vegetables, and fruits. Most kibble meals are also highly processed. While it’s still possible to find quality dog food (some dog food is even vegetarian), you’ll more often than not find it in the form of dry kibble. Dry food contains no moisture and is usually composed of meat, grains, and fruits.


So why do dog owners use kibble instead of a more healthy and complete meal?

Because kibble is convenient. You simply open the package and your dog is all ready to eat. It’s also more economical to feed your dog kibble than to buy several canned dog foods. And since kibble is made in bulk, you can save even more money over the long haul. And since there are no preservatives or chemicals in dog food, your dog will be safe from diseases and parasites.


But the choice of what dog food to give your dog is not a simple one.

There’s a lot to keep in mind because different breeds have different nutritional needs. Even though kibble has all the necessary nutrients your dog needs, it’s up to you to determine which types of food are best for your pet. Here are a few different categories of dog food to consider:


Most people these days prefer to use dry food.

For dogs, dry food is less messy and messier than kibble. Also, it’s healthier because the food does not need a lot of preservatives to remain good. However, it’s still important to read the labels carefully to make sure you’re feeding your dog the right food. If in doubt, always contact your vet and get their opinion about which dog food to feed your pet.

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