Building a Barn Sash with Pub Shed Plans

What is a Pub Shed?

A pub shed is usually a smaller version of an outdoor shed. It’s typically designed to be an additional outdoor deck or patio area with additional storage space. Typically most pub sheds will contain a small set of shelves for assorted items such as beer, wine, snacks and even seating for a lawnmower. Depending on the style of your shed, you may even be able to store gardening tools in the shed itself.

Before starting your project, make sure you have all of the materials you will need to include: a bar foundation; cement siding nail, roof sheets and floor tile, lumber or plywood, a saw, screw gun, drill, nails, a hammer, stakes, cement trimmings and an angle grinder. If you don’t have all of these items, be sure to find them before beginning your project. One last item you will want to make sure you have before starting the project is an electrical connection. Depending on where you live, you may need to hire a professional electrical contractor to install your electrical system.

Pub Shed” has a generic connotation

Once you have all of these materials, it is time to start building your Pub Shed. As mentioned above, the name “Pub Shed” has a generic connotation to it and that is what makes it fun to build. Basically you want to take your existing bar door and extend it outward, making room for your new patio furniture. In order to do this, you will need to cut out the part of the door that connects to the wall with the siding nail. You can either use the same type of nail or use the same nail and long enough to fit through the existing hole.

Once you’ve made this adjustment, you will need to set aside some time to build the sides and rear of your new backyard shed. Most people will use wood because it is easier to work with and also because it looks nice. I personally prefer cedar since it goes with my overall theme. Cedar also withstands weather better than pine. For the sides of your pub shed, I like to use two strips of plywood and join them together at the bottom to form the “ribs” that the sides will be joined to.


Once you have completed the sides, you will need to start building the roof. This step is pretty self explanatory so don’t worry if you aren’t comfortable doing this on your own. Again, use your nails and wood shims to make sure everything is securely in place and you are finished with your project!

Once your Pub Shed is completed, you will be ready to enjoy your new home addition. You can find plans for other types of bar additions and even other great backyard projects such as a barn sash. So get going and build that extra space for your next DIY project! Good luck and happy building!

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