Benefits Of Having A Hairless Chinese Crested Dog

One thing that all dogs have in common is their hair

The coat of your domestic dog often refers to the long hair that wraps around its entire body. Most dogs have a variation of different coat colors, styles, textures and lengths. Some dogs are naturally curly, some are straight; some have short hair, others have long hair. These differences lead to differences in dog coats. From short to long, from curly to straight, and from long to sleek, your dog’s coat can be easily differentiated.

In fact, your dog may even be able to tell you what type of coat he has depended on how it looks and feels. While you can brush your dog’s coat yourself using a comb, there are many other things you can do to help determine what type of coat your dog has. There are several factors that contribute to a dog’s coat, including genetics, diet, exercise, and health.

Dogs with short coats typically have a genetic disposition


For short hair, which means that they will most likely never lose their natural curl. However, they do shed a lot and the shedding can become excessive if not properly handled. Many people believe that dogs with curly coats are from the toy breeds, but actually any breed can shed its fur, including long haired breeds like the Shih Tzu. It is best to take your dog to a professional groomer once or twice a year to have his coat properly cleaned.

Good coat health is also dependent on diet. Certain foods affect your dog’s coat health in very negative ways. Fast food and deep fried items are very detrimental to coat health. Instead, dogs should eat canned fish that have plenty of Omega fatty acids and fiber. Fiber is important for keeping your dog’s coat moist, as this will help prevent mats.

A good idea would be to purchase several wool hats

Dogs also need to be kept warm, even if they only get a moderate amount of exercise. Although some breeds, such as the Doberman, are naturally very heat tolerant, all dogs are sensitive to temperature changes. If you own an outdoors pet, you should invest in a sweater to keep your dog warm and shaded. Although most dogs love the outdoors, they can become very distressed when the weather starts to get cold or if the temperature drops below a certain point. A good idea would be to purchase several wool hats and invest in them for different months of the year.

One thing to be aware of regarding dogs with a double coat is that they shed more than dogs with a single coat. This is because they have to brush twice as hard to remove the dead hair. Most dogs will not shed more than two pounds of hair a month. However, it is not uncommon to see dogs shed six or eight pounds during the winter months. To keep your pet warm without having to sacrifice your carpet, invest in a high quality plush blanket. In addition, investing in a plush blanket will provide a great number of benefits such as providing mental stimulation for your dog, reducing his or her barking and eliminating dandruff from your pet’s fur coat.

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