Basic Tips On How To Properly Clean And Care For Your Contact Lenses When Traveling

wear polarized sunglasses whenever you’re outdoors

While traveling, there are few things that are more frustrating than running out of contact lens solution while traveling. However, these problems can easily be avoided with a few helpful travel tips for contact lens wearers. The most important thing to do when traveling is to make sure that you have your contact lens prescription with you and available at all times. This is especially important when traveling on planes or boats. Ask the staff of the hotel where you are staying if they have a copy of your prescription on hand. If they don’t, ask if you can borrow it until you can get it back.

Polarized sunglasses block out the sun’s UV rays that can damage your eyes. Also, wear protective eye gear such as gloves and goggles whenever you’re outdoors to keep your eyes safe from harmful bacteria and insects. If you already use contact lenses, consider taking them with you whenever you travel to prevent dry eyes.

Do not pack your contact lenses and solutions into one travel bag

It’s important to separate your contacts, solution, and extra lubricants (such as lotions) to a small space where they’ll be easy to reach when you need them. When traveling, it’s always best to bring several smaller bags rather than one big luggage for convenience. It’s also best to keep extra contact lenses, disposable lens cases, and other supplies in one main travel bag.

One of the most important tips for wearing contacts is to avoid touching your eyes when you travel. Our hands are usually much dirtier than our faces, so the last thing you want to do is rub your hands across your eyes or onto your face. Our hands have a lot of bacteria on them and touching them anywhere can transfer those germs to our face. Try cleaning your hands before putting in your contact lenses in or before removing them.

It’s also important to take your prescription for your contact lenses with you during your travels

This is because eye care is different depending on the country you’re traveling to. You can also purchase eye care in the country you’re traveling to or in an independent clinic near your hotel if you don’t have a prescription. You can look up your prescription or contact your eye care professional while you’re abroad.

The final few steps of preparing to travel are applying the contact lens care solution. This step involves the insertion process, cleansing, and removal. Follow these steps to insert your lenses and be sure to follow the instructions carefully. After your contact lenses are inserted, you should rinse them thoroughly with the solution. Then, you should allow them to dry. Finally, you should put them in a clean contacts case before carrying them with you or keeping them in your luggage.

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